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About Cruising Canoes

Cruising Canoes is based in Belleville, Ontario and was founded by Andrew Twigg and is joined by Scotty Bowman and Spencer Smith. These guides will take you through beautiful Algonquin Park, the way it was meant to be enjoyed, back country! The adventures are all-inclusive canoe trips and include all of the gear and food needed to ensure you have a memorable and comfortable experience. All you need to bring along is clothes and toiletries. The food is high quality and always delicious, and the gear is top of the line.

Cruising Canoes has a high safety standard and boasts a perfect safety record,  with no injuries to date.  All the guides are certified in advanced wilderness first aid and CPR. They also possess the necessary skills in wilderness and canoeing leadership.

Cruising Canoes is eco-friendly and we ensure to leave no trace. In fact, the campsites are often left in a cleaner conditions then found. Our adventurers are encouraged to pick up garbage left by others along the way to ensure the preservation of our park lands for generations to come.

For anyone who wants to experience back country canoeing and camping this trip is for you!