Cartwheeling down the creek

Day 1 on Beaver Creek sure was an adventure!
We started the day not knowing what was ahead. We read the little information there was online about Beaver Creek and its rapids ,but overall we were going in blind.  It sure did add to the excitement. We didn’t know what was ahead of us upon every turn. 

We encountered some stange things. Like a random bridge crossing the river. Fortunately this was the only time we had to get out and portage. 

Next, we encountered what looked like little rapids. Being in the front of the canoe, I pointed out to Twiggy that it looked like there was a pretty big drop. We decided to play it safe and get out to scope out the rapids. Thank god we did! It was a huge drop and decided it was best to walk the canoe around. There wasn’t an option to portage around so we reluctantly got into the water and made our way around. 

After this, we had a nice relaxing paddle. Twiggy and I giggling and enjoying nature. Then we spotted what looked like a small rapid. Twiggy was tired of getting out of he canoe each time there was a small rapid (and there were many), so he said to me “let’s just go. They’re small. It’s fine”. Famous last words right? 

Twiggy was right. The first set were small, but then a second huge and roaring rapid followed immediately. It didn’t take long that we took in a lot of water and eventually flipped. The best part? The Go Pro was running. Can’t wait to see that footage! 

We went down the rapids without any injury. This was my first time flipping a canoe and I quickly learnt why Twiggy said “if we flip, stay in your back”. I hit a few rocks before I remember that. Haha. It was a thrill no less! 

Once we got everything out of the water and got back into the canoe it was smooth sailing after that. Expect for the fact that we were soaked. I’ve never been thankful for wind while canoeing, but this time, it allowed our clothes to dry quickly. Our shoes are another story. 

We knew we had to paddle to the small parcel of Crown land. We were lucky and spotted what looks like the only appropriate place to set up camp. We quickly went to work, I started the fire and made dinner and Twiggy set up our sleeping quarters. 

It wasn’t a late night for us. We knew we had to get some sleep. Another full day of adventure awaits us! We’re excited about what today holds for us. The wet shoes we have to put on now, not so exciting. 


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  • Heather
    April 30, 2017 at 12:43 pm 

    Can’t wait to meet up with you guys when you get back to hear about your adventure!
    Sounds exciting!!

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