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Cruising Canoes is based in Belleville, Ontario – but our adventures take us all over the province. Andrew Twigg and his guides will take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Our adventures range from backcountry canoe trips, winter camping adventures, local paddles, river runs, snowshoe adventures, and coming soon, pontoon boat tours and history tours!

 The adventures are always all-inclusive and include all of the gear and food needed to ensure you have a memorable and comfortable experience. Leave the planning, packing and clean up to us! All you need to bring along is clothes and toiletries. The food is high quality and always delicious, and the gear is top of the line.

Cruising Canoes has a high safety standard and boasts a perfect safety record, with no injuries to date.  All the guides are certified in advanced wilderness first aid and CPR. They also possess the necessary skills in wilderness and canoeing leadership.

Cruising Canoes is eco-friendly and we ensure to leave no trace. In fact, the campsites are often left in a cleaner condition then found. Our adventurers are encouraged to pick up garbage left by others along the way to ensure the preservation of our park lands for generations to come.

For anyone who wants to experience all inclusive adventures, these trips are for you!


Twiggy fell in love with the outdoors at a young age, having adventurous grandparents. His grandmother Twigg (Twiggy) was a head Girl Guide and was recognized by the Queen for her 50 years of service. She taught Andrew how to make a fire, and paddle a canoe from a young age. His grandfather Strand loved adventure, and every weekend they would travel Southern Ontario looking for the next adventure. Through Andrew’s travels with his grandfather, he discovered many beautiful landscapes and destinations.

Andrew joined the army when he was 18, through the army co-op offered in high school. He learned team building skills, organization skills, and trekking skills. All this passion lead him to Korea to teach English. During Twiggy’s time in Korea he climbed the highest mountains and visited many temples. Korea was the start of the idea – why not share his trips and adventures with others? So it began. Andrew and his friend Scotty, “the Otter”, began doing back country canoe trips in Algonquin. Twiggy’ passion for adventure and the backcountry became infectious, and his trips attract more people then ever.

To date, hundreds of people have been on Twiggy’s Adventures. If you are looking for the ultimate Adventure Guide, look no further!


Lynn and Andrew fell in love in the backcountry. She accompanies Andrew on many of his adventures, bringing a certain flare and energy.

Lynn was born and raised in Northern Ontario. As a child, her family vacations consisted of camping and the great outdoors. Her parents always referred to her as the “fire starter”. Make sure you ask her why they called her that on the trips. Lynn was the first woman on any Cruising Canoes adventure to carry a canoe for a 3km portage. Since then, Lynn has developed a passion for backcountry adventures.

Lynn has certifications in Hike Leadership, Wilderness and Remote First Aid, as well as Leave no Trace.

You’re sure to feel comfortable if Lynn is on the trip!


If you would have asked 10-year-old Jay Bridges what he wanted to do when he grew up his answer would have been skateboarding. By the age of 16 he found the art of capturing moments soon after picking up his first video camera. By 19, he had started a business selling skateboard equipment out of the back of a van. By 22, he was a storeowner, a father and a well-respected name within the skateboarding community – not just locally but also nationally and globally.

Perhaps none of that is the most conventional way one spends their childhood into young adult life but for Jay, those were the very things engraved in his soul and still hold true.

As unsuspecting as a small town Ontario boy raised in Belleville, who spent summers helping his grandmother on the family farm in Lindsay, is how this entrepreneur not only launched himself into various industries, but taught himself what was required to be a successful business owner and photographer. While shooting video that was edited on VHS tapes between two VCRs was how he spent many years, he realized that there was something even more beautiful and captivating about still photography, and now for the better part of the last two decades, that’s exactly what he has done.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to make a living based on dreams from almost 30 years ago but then again, not everyone is as driven to make things happen. Jay has the heart, dedication and tenacity and when it comes to his work, in whichever area that may be, crafting his art and growing his business is what continues to set him above many others.

Now a Kingston resident, with his shop located downtown on Princess Street, he has found a new home and built a foundation here which allows him to pursue his dreams and grow his businesses along the way.

Meet the Crew

The Otter


Scotty Bowman – Scotty has always been an outdoor enthusiast. He is a personal trainer and Olympic weight lifting coach at his personal gym in Belleville, Ontario – The Steele House Weight Lifting Club. His morning skills match no other. He will serve you breakfast and you’ll be happy to start the day with him! His high energy and character will keep you energized throughout your adventure. He has many stories to share about his time in the mountains looking for gold. An enthusiastic guide and a great friend!

The Hawk


Spencer Smith – Spence grew up on the beautiful Charleston lake, growing up fishing his days away. He spent much of his time out in the woods, growing up on a 25 acre property. Spencer also participates in outdoor sports like wake boarding, snowboarding, hiking and playing soccer.  He grew a love for the outdoors, realizing that true peace lives out side of the house, where confidence is built. Spencer boats a variety of skills that make him an excellent guide and friend on any trip. Spencer’s enthusiasm for adventure will make you feel young!

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