Beaver Creek is an Epic Adventure!

Hey Hastings County, did you know you have an epic canoe adventure in your own back yard??

We started in St-Ola on Friday and made our way down Beaver Creek with intentions to end in Marmora. After 3 days and 2 nights, we made it only half way down the river. This is partly because we had to stop at every rapid and hot spot to take GPS coordinates and photos, and because we got out at every rapid to ensure it was safe to paddle through.

What did we discover? Beaver Creek is awesome! We had an absolute blast. It was exciting, challenging, and the scenery was breathtaking. This route could easily become a tourist attraction, and in my opinion, on par with Algonquin Park. 

The highlight of the trip so far was Jelly Rapids, which is more like a waterfall! It began so small, and appeared to be a tiny rapid. When we got out of the canoe to explore what was on the other side, we were in awe! We were so stunned by this beauty that we hid our 3rd geocach here in hopes  that it would attract people to come discover this hot spot. This geocach is attainable by car. So anyone can come and explore this spot 

​​It was such a picturesc spot. We stood over the bridge in Glanmire for some time admiring this beauty. We had a really good giggle when an older couple pulled up on the bridge and told us they were lost. They said they were heading to Bancroft and their GPS was taking them down this dirt road. Twiggy didn’t skip a beat. After he told them they were off the path, he quickly said “get out of your car and look at this waterfall! We’ve been paddling for 2 days and this is the nicest spot we’ve seen! Come on, get out!!” Haha. The woman got out and seemed a little impressed. The man never stepped foot out of his car. We giggled at that for a while. Until we had to portage around this massive rapid set! 

We continued to paddle through the windy and quiet part of the creek. Eventually, we came up on the second and last parcel of Crown land around 5 p.m. It was a bit early to quit for the day, but since we didn’t know if we’d find another spot to camp, and it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, we decided to set up camp and enjoy the rest of the day on this beautiful spot. 

We quickly and easily created a campsite and sat there in awe. Hastings County had this amazing canoe route and adventure in their back yard! 

While we sat around the campfire, we established a day trip, a 3 day trip, and a possible hike around Jelly Rapids. 

We woke up he next morning in the pouring rain, and it was a mere 2 degrees out. It was cold and miserable. Twiggy eventually decided that we couldn’t adequately map and photograph in this weather and we would be doing Hastings County a disservice because we’d naturally be rushing to get out of the cold and rain. He quickly developed an “escape” route and called it quits for now. 

This is what makes Twiggy such an amazing guide. His ego never gets in the way, and he knows when to pull the plug on an adventure. He will never compromise anyone’s safety, or comfort for that matter. He strives to ensure that everyone has a comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable adventure. This is why I trust Twiggy and will join him on any adventure!

We anticipate that we need another 2 days on the creek. We plan on completing it in 2 day trips, to make our load lighter and hopefully go a bit faster. 

Stay tuned folks! We’ll be completing these day trips over the next 2 weeks. 


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