Trip Checklist

What Cruising Canoes Brings For You

Kevlar canoe
Wooden paddle
Life jacket
Emergency kit
Water proof backpack
Sleeping bag with liner
Self inflating air mattress
Rain suit
Modern tent
Dishes and utensils

What Cruising Canoes Brings For the Campsite

Foldaway saw
Stove and appropriate gas
Emergency kit
Dish bins
Water filtration systems
Water bag
Food barrels

What You Should Wear

Clothing made from polyester or wool
Good pair of shoes preferably hiking boots
Warm jacket and sweater
Hat preferably a wide brimmed one.

What You Should Bring

Two pairs of socks
Comfy set of clothes for around camp
Camp shoes not sandals
Snacks (protein bars, nuts, jerky)
Liquid drink flavoring
Insect Repellant
1 liter water bottle full of water
Toothbrush and toothpaste

What NOT to Bring

Cotton clothing
Deodorant.  I know it sounds funny but it helps keep the bugs away
Anything I am bringing

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Cruising Canoes

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