Creek Runs


Creek runs are relaxing and exciting! These adventures start as soon as the spring melt happens. Often we are running the creeks before the major waterways melt. As soon as the snow starts to melt we will be paddling. There are 3 possible routes for these adventures. I’m not going to tell you where they are until we are on route. Although we are not driving very far you will feel like your in deep in the woods and off the grid. During these creek runs your senses will be ignited. We will see beavers, herons, ducks, and even deer along the sides of the creeks. We will encounter obstacles that make it fun and a little challenging. Depending on the adventure you choose we may enjoy a lunch or dinner along side the creek.

It’s recommended you bring a change of clothes. Cruising Canoes will provide a dry bag for them. It doesn’t happen often but it could happen where you go for a dip. The water is always shallow and you just have to stand up and walk out. Twiggy will be right there to help you out. Come and explore and experience Cruising Canoes Creek Adventures today!

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