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Twiggy and I had plans to hit up Toronto tomorrow and catch a Blue Jays game. But nature called. Literally. Hastings County has asked Cruising Canoes to map Beaver Creek as part of their #comewander campaign. We looked at our calendar and realized we have a jammed packed month.  So, we quickly changed our plans and went into planning mode today. 
What makes this different then other Cruising Canoes adventures I’ve participated on? Rather then unplugging and leaving our technology at home, we are going to blog, post on Instagram, go live on Facebook, take videos and lots of photos. This means you will be able to follow this crazy adventure of ours. 

Twiggy knows very little about Beaver Creek, as do most people. That’s why Hastings County wants us to explore it and develop canoe routes for everyone to enjoy. 

The nice thing about going in this adventure with Twiggy, as in any adventure, he’s a pro! He’s experienced, knowledgeable and certified to ensure that we will have a safe trip. 

Stay tuned to see what we get up to! 

I wonder how the wifi signal will be..hmmm. 

– Adventure Canuk 

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