Interested in one of our adventures but have a few questions? Here is a list of commonly asked ones.

How do you filter the water? 

Cruising Canoes is very safety conscious – and fast, clean water is the extremely important. That’s why we have numerous gravity water filtration systems. They are easy use, and filter water quickly.

Do you wash the sleeping bags between uses? 

Of course! After every trip, we wash the sleeping bags to ensure that you enjoy a clean, fresh bag when you crawl into bed. We also have liners available upon request.

What can I do to minimize the bug activity?

There are many things you can do actually.   First, don’t wear any perfumes or scents, and that includes deodorant! If you feel you really want to wear deodorant, you can buy odourless ones (such as “Tom’s” brand). Also, wear light coloured clothing, bugs are attracted to dark clothes. Although difficult in he summer, wearing long sleeve shirts and pants helps a great deal. We also have bug jackets upon request.

What about the bears?! 

This is probably people’s biggest fear, and it shouldn’t be! Twiggy has never seen a bear on all his adventures, and there are many adventures! Bears tend to stay away from  groups of people. That doesn’t mean we don’t have safety precautions, however. We ensure there is no food left out at night that would attract any creature. Our food is sealed in bear proof barrels. We also have bear bangers in the rare case we encounter a bear. Don’t let this be the reason you don’t experience the backcountry!

Am I fit enough for these types of adventure?

Almost everyone could do backcountry camping with Twiggy! Because we are large groups, we have the luxury of ensuring that nobody pushes themselves too hard. Everyone will take part in every step of the trip, however we don’t expect anyone to push themselves to exhaustion. We encourage people however, to push themselves a little. It makes the trip so much more rewarding knowing you accomplished something a little outside your comfort level. Remember, it’s not a race, and you won’t “hold anyone back”. Just try your best and work as a team. And don’t forget to have fun!

Where do we sleep?

Twiggy will organize the group into little subgroups, and they will share a tent. If you’re a couple, you’ll share a tent with your significant other. If you come alone, you’ll be paired up with someone similar (gender and age). If you have any concerns about this speak to your guide in advance. Each person will have a self inflating air mattress, and sleeping bag. You can bring a pillow case with you and place your extra clothes in it to use as a pillow.

What if something goes wrong?

Leave the worrying to Twiggy! He has all of his canoe certifications, including his trip leader certificate. All the guides are also certified in Remote First Aid and CPR. Let’s not forget his many years of experience in running these trips, and his excellent safety record.

What do we eat?

No “bag” meals for these trips! Twigg’s meals are known to be epic. They are always fresh, and delicious. Let us know in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies.

Can I bring a camera, or my cell phone?

We STRONGLY encourage you to leave your devices at home. Twiggy brings a LSR camera and takes tons of pictures that he will share at the end of the trip. Leaving your cell phone behind is important in order to fully disconnect with technology and reconnect with nature, and yourself. Be brave, leave your phone at home!

What do I bring?

Check out the list here.

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