Team Building & Corporate Retreats

Full Day Adventures


The Mighty River Run     

Work as a team to overcome nature’s obstacles including beaver damns, logs, etc. The scenery is breathtaking, and chances are good that you’ll encounter some wildlife.

Starting at $50 per person.

The Moira River Adventure    

Enjoy a leisurely paddle down the beautiful and historic Moira River with your team and take in the sights and sounds of the beautiful landscape.

Starting at $50 per person.

The County Portage

Enjoy a combination of touring and paddling through beautiful Prince Edward County, This adventure includes at least three locations throughout that are considered to be hidden gems. This package includes transportation, dinner, and drinks.

Starting at $150 per person.

The Hastings County Portage    

Enjoy a day in Hastings County. This package will include a trip to Potter’s Estate Winery, a paddle down a secluded river, dinner and drinks at Signal Brewery.

Starting at $150 per person.

Beer! Beer! Beer!      

This is a beer tour! We will visit five local breweries. The adventure will include transportation, a guided tour,  and beer tastings at each brewery.

Starting at $100 per person.

Half Day Adventures

The Original Pint and Paddle                                             

Paddle down the Moira River arriving at Signal Brewery. This combination of paddling and a pint is a sure way to bond any team.

Starting at $50 per person.

Beer! Beer! Beer!    

This is a beer tour! We will visit three local breweries. The adventure will include transportation, a guided tour, and beer tastings at each brewery.

Starting at $60 per person.

Toronto Sporting Event or Concert 

Chose your date,  your event, and we’ll take care of the rest! Includes transportation, and event tickets.

Starting at $100 per person.

Additional Options

Lunch or Dinner     

Add a meal to any adventure!

Starting at $10 per person.

Interactive Option

Turn any adventure into a treasure hunt, obstacle course, or humanitarian aspect.

Please inquire for details and pricing.


We have had the opportunity to take these great businesses for memorable team building experiences





“We had the opportunity to take part in a team building day with Cruising Canoes, and it was amazing! When they say, “Just show up!”, they mean it. We worked with Andrew to pick a date that suited everyone, and from there he provided all the necessary equipment, the drive to and from the site of the paddle, snacks and lunch along the way, pictures and video to document our day, as well any instruction needed. We took part in the lazy river run and it was a good balance of easy-going paddling and sight seeing, with a little adventure along the way. It gave our team a chance to spend some time together away from the responsibilities of work, allowing us to connect on a different level and build on our relationships. We worked together to ensure everyone was able to get through a couple of the more challenging areas, offering words of wisdom and encouragement…..and some good-hearted razzing. Many laughs and good conversations were shared throughout our day, it was a day to remember. Overall, it was a great experience, Andrew made sure of it! We would recommend Cruising Canoes to anyone looking for an adventure.”

Ron Finkle, Ron Finkle Electric


“On the 23rd of October the Hastings and Prince Edwards Regiment deployed 11 soldiers to Algonquin Park.  This training was conducted to give soldiers some more experience in the backwoods while building on traditional infantry skills.  This canoe adventure was guided by Andrew Twigg,  although there was a guide and the ranking MWO Stokes all soldiers who attended this training where leaders throughout the trip.  This allowed the troops practice navigation and Leadership while directing the group thorough the day’s travels and the evening’s tasks such as setting camps, cooking, preparing wood and retrieving water.  Thought the day the contingent would travel long distances, this was done paddling and portage.  Both proved to be challenging and gave soldiers the opportunity to appreciate the outdoors in the beautiful Algonquin Park while providing a tough training for physical conditions carrying heavy bags and canoes on portages or canoeing for hours.   All of this training provided a great experience to the soldiers to develop team work and cohesion with fellow soldiers.  Although the going was tough I feel the training was valuable to infantry soldiers while providing challenge and adventure that was still enjoyable.”

Cpl Irvine, Canadian Armed Forces

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