The Winter Camping Adventure

This winter, Cruising Canoes will be offering a two day day, one night winter camping experience. I know what you’re thinking, who would winter camp?! Well, after reading this, you will likely want to come.

You’re worried about the cold? Don’t be! Cruising Canoes has winter tents equipped with a wood stove. Also, everyone is provided a cot and a winter sleeping bag. You won’t be cold!

What will you do while winter camping? Snowshoe! Cruising Canoes will provide quality snowshoes and poles for everyone. Twiggy doesn’t follow the trails during this excursion, we break trail through the fresh snow. It’s so much fun! After enjoying a delicious meal cooked on a portable fireplace, we will enjoy a big, wa campfire.

How do we get all the gear to the campsite? Toboggans of course. Also, the base camp is never very far from the launch off point.

What will you see? You’ll experience the beautiful snow covered Canadian Shield. It’s breathtaking! It’s calm, and it’s revitalizing. You’ll also see animal tracks, and birds. You won’t see bears or bugs!

Winter camping is an exhilarating way to enjoy the Canadian winter. Come and experience winter camping with Cruising Canoes!

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